In La Forcola pizzeria. An atmosphere in which to feel at home, the kitchen and the service will make your lunch, or your dinner, a pleasant and delicious moment of your day.

Discover our menu, choose your dish or pizza, or order something and pick it up.

La Forcola - Restaurant in Valencia

Do you know what the “Forcola” is?

The Forcola is a type of rower used in Venetian rowing, a particular rowing technique, developed in the area of the Venetian Lagoon and the surrounding areas, where a single rower, with a single oar, advances the boat. In this case the Venice gondola.
Made of hard wood and carefully carved, it is handmade, on a natural curvature of the mast. These conditions do not allow the existence of two equal “Forcolas”.

Menu of the day

Our midday menu includes a choice of two dishes from the four proposed. Bread and dessert are included, beverages apart. Bread and dessert included, drinks not included.
Pizza menu includes a pizza to choose from 5 proposals. Dessert included and drinks not included.